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Attorneys and Counselors

The primary focus of the attorneys and staff of Sanchez Daniels & Hoffman LLP is the cost-effective delivery of legal services to their clients. In order to obtain this objective, we are pleased to draw upon the diverse talents and backgrounds of our people.

We have worked hard to assemble and cultivate professionals who can share in our legal service mission. After all, the foundation upon which our firm is built rests squarely on the shoulders of the professionals who comprise the firm. Since its creation in 1987, Sanchez Daniels & Hoffman LLP has emerged as a respected and known “player” in the legal community. Through our talented professionals, we are pleased to offer quality, cost effective legal services to our current clients and look forward to the opportunity of effectively representing new clients.

Bradley D. Alexander / Partner
Edric S. Bautista / Associate
Nora C. Bloom / Associate
Susan K. Chae Corcoran / Partner
Kelly M. Cronin / Associate
John Draper Daniels / Of Counsel
Elaine C. Davenport / Partner
Carly B. Deutch / Associate
Gerald M. Dombrowski / Partner
Leo P. Dombrowski / Partner
Heather D. Erickson / Partner
Michael T. Franz / Partner
Michelle A. Franz / Associate
Timothy V. Hoffman / Partner
John S. Huntley / Partner
Larry C. Jurgens / Partner
Joseph A. Konrad / Associate
Kevin M. MacInerney / Associate
John R. McInerney / Associate
Mary P. McKenna / Associate
Hugh C. O’Donnell / Partner
John J. Piegore / Partner
ShawnTe Raines / Associate
Andrew P. Rice / Partner
Brian H. Sanchez / Partner
Manuel Sanchez / Partner
Yifan Sanchez / Associate
Mark S. Vilimek / Partner
Sean R. Walter / Associate
Emanuel C. Welch / Partner
Mark E. Winters / Partner
Renee Ziolkowski / Partner

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